Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SVG @ The AFP Kickstarter Countdown Block Party!!!

Dear Friends, and Fans,

I have something FANTASTIC to report today! Tomorrow night I will be performing my Escape Act for Amanda Palmers Kickstarter Countdown Block Party! And if that is terrific enough Mr. Neil Gaiman himself requested I do something "Mad" and "Escapy" and I am not in the business of disappointing people who are cool! I am VERY honored and VERY excited to be a part of this HISTORIC event!

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few weeks here is some more info on the Kickstarter Campaign and why it's awesome, it's not too late to be a part of History!

To All of our Friends in the Tri-State Area this will be the party of the year so come on down! This is an call to arms for an OMEGA LEVEL EVENT of awesomeness! Call in the Justice League AND the Avengers!

Here are the deets (write this down in permeant marker on your body)

This Thursday (Tommorow) Night 6pm-Midnight Douglass Street between 3rd Ave & Nevins Street (Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY)

It's Free and all Ages (Bring a Flask)

Anyone who can't make it can see all of the terrific acts streaming online at
from 6-Midnight!

Some words from Amanda Herself about why you should come!

"we want anyone who can make it to come. COME!!!! COME!!!! BRING EVERYONE!!!!! come in costume, come with art, come to make art, COME WITH MUSIC-MAKING TOOLS!!!, come to freak out, come with your children, come with a flask, come to celebrate what we all did together. bring friends, bring love."

And keep an eye on my Twitter feed ( @VonGormanArt ) as I'm sure there will be all sorts of Fantastic Surprises happening that I will be reporting on first hand!

See you there!

Sean Von Gorman

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