Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Secret Advenures of Houdini: Book is Now at Forbidden Planet!!!

We are very excited to announce that you can now find The Secret Adventures of Houdini at Forbidden Planet! This is very special for me as I have been going to FP for as long as I can remember. In fact its where my Mom bought me my first Star Trek uniform.To celeberate we are offering the following challenge to our fans...


I'm dropping off 5 copies of Issue 1 Wednesday after
noon. The 5 people who purchase a copy of SECRET ADVENTURES OF HOUDINI Book 1 at FBNYC send us a picture of yourself with the comic at Forbidden Planet I will draw you into the next issue of Secret Adventures of Houdini!
You heard right anyone who buys a copy of Secret Adventures of Houdini will become famous by being drawn into a scene of our next issue.

Or if you order it online a picture of yourself with the book.

you can email pics to 

Forbidden Planet

or send it to us though our Facebook page


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