Monday, November 14, 2011

Th Secret Adventures Of Houdini Coming Soon!

Greetings! Welcome to the Secret Adventures Of Houdini Blog.

Secret Adventures of Houdini is a new series created by Todd Hunt and Sean Von Gorman.

In the blink of an eye Harry Houdini, a name synonymous with magic and mystery, will have his world forever changed. Armed with a stinging wit and near super-human strength, we follow Houdini’s descent into the secret world of the supernatural.

Our first story begins in New York City where Houdini invades the lair of a supernatural sect determined to raise the spirit of an undead evil saint; Thascius Cipriano. What Harry finds may force him, for the first time in his life, to question his resolute disbelief in the existence of the genuine supernatural. After years of debunking false spiritualists, Harry Houdini is suddenly inducted into a world, which unceasingly challenges his every belief.

Escape with Houdini into a world of magic and sorcery as we witness his greatest metamorphosis from stage magician to hero.

These are the untold stories of the final years of Harry Houdini’s life. 

Coming Soon!


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